Brandon and Jean Hansen

Brandon and Jean Hansen are the proud owners of Clean Air Lawn Care in Asheville, NC. Brandon grew up in southern Florida and after moving to Asheville in 2007 decided to settle in the beautiful surroundings of the Appalachian mountains. Following his love for the outdoors and landscaping he joined Clean Air Lawn Care in the summer of 2015. Taking on a managerial role under the previous owner he learned all of the day-to-day operations and automatically knew this business model was something unique, something that would make a larger impact on how people treated their lawns.

When Brandon is not working in the field for Clean Air he is usually found playing soccer, creating art and hanging out with his girls on the homestead. Brandon is married to Jean who will be heading up the other half of their Clean Air business. In June of 2017 Brandon and Jean welcomed their first daughter, Sylvie Mae Hansen.